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Retreat Shtira Bhaga

This three day immersion weekend is dedicated to strengthening and inviting grace into your yoga practice journey at the idyllic place of Naturhaus Schorfheide. Surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, Chris and Lee will guide you to experience this retreat inspired by the concept Sthira Bhaga to feel graceful, strong and boundlessly happy.

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Chris Keller

Anusara Yoga Teacher




Our own journey began five years ago when fate brought us together. Chris was teaching an Advanced Class at Yogatribe, and shortly thereafter, Lee arrived in Berlin and started teaching her own Advanced Class. Through the years, our bond has grown not only as colleagues but as close friends and fellow practitioners.


Lee-mei Con

Ashtanga-Vinyasa Teacher


About the Retreat


expect a deep dive into your yoga practice guided by your Advanced Teachers. We’ll offer 3 classes and 2 workshops comprehending asana, pranayama and meditation in these 3 days. It’s not mandatory to participate in everything, but this transformative experience is a chance to discover new layers of strength and grace within yourself.

Exclusive Experience

you are receiving a special invitation as dedicated students of the Advanced Classes. This retreat is exclusively designed for you, reflecting the bond you've formed with your teachers.

The Kula

Reconnect with the sacred community you've been a part of over the years. This retreat offers the opportunity to bond with fellow practitioners and get to know your teachers outside the mat.

Time to recharge

The retreat takes place in a peaceful and remote location close to Berlin in Chorin, surrounded by the calming presence of nature. You'll be treated to delicious vegan cuisine, and the retreat center also features a sauna for your relaxation. It's the perfect setting for a weekend of serenity, rest and recovery.


it is a simple, barren beauty with plenty of sunshine and stunning sunsets. Forests abound right at the three ends of the village, as Schorfheide is part of the UNESCO-protected Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and the largest contiguous forest area in Germany. 



The retreat house Naturhaus Schorfheide is located just north of Berlin. You can reach it by car in 1h 10min or by public transport in 1h 40min.


16th till 18th February. We expect your arrival on Friday 16th from 4pm, the first evening and welcome class starts at 4:30pm (inform us in case you are not able to join). Your departure is on Sunday 18th from 3pm, after our last brunch together.


Early Bird 20% off the full price, starting at 450€. Book with the code “advancedyogi” before December 31st for the discounted rate.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund until 31st Dec 2023.30% refund until 31st Jan 2024.

Ready to fully commit to your yoga practice in this immersive weekend experience? Choose your preferred room type and save your spot now.

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