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Lululemon Article by dieZeit about sustainability in Yoga fashion.

Is Media better than Companies?

Due to the recent accusations about Lululemon, I had an Interview about it with the German newspaper DIEZEIT. Carmen the journalist came over to the studio, and we had a Q&A about the whole topic of Sustainability and Yoga and me as a Yoga Teacher here in Berlin. During the Interview, I had the feeling that this article she was writing on, is going into a certain direction. I tried to be objective in my answers and explained myself.


The article is out now and what I read is kinda what I said and also what I have not said. Picking out lines of an entire conversation is never transferring the entire story.


What the article says/ vs. my intention in my words: - Read below


Sustainability has been a huge topic for me before I started as a Yoga teacher due to my studies as an engineer. I wrote my thesis about it and was vegan, and it got very confused about right and wrong buying daily things. Today, I know it’s not that easy to compare sustainability of products and their impact on the environment. You can calculate it and there are many scientists writing about it. To pick one company and blame them for the entire greenwashing of fast fashion to gain more interest as a newspaper is as normal today as using coal energy for yoga fashion.


Yoga Class shouldn’t be a catwalk anyway. Feel free to share and open the discussion on this.

Chris Keller is angry/

I’m not happy about it! But I also know there are many others doing the same greenwashing every day.

Keller is asking himself if he should still wear Lululemon/

I said: “I will still wear them, as sustainability is about a lifecycle and throwing away any kind of clothes wouldn’t be good for our environment”

Keller is listening to lovesick and is getting asked about important decisions by students/

True, that happens, but very rarely, and I always try to answer as a yogi by the philosophy I learned from my teachers.

Keller is spiritual Leader/

The therm spiritual teacher belongs to highly educated Gurus, Monks, teachers out there dedicating their life to daily spiritual practices and therefore being able to teach it. Not me!

Yogatribe is practicing on Lululemon mats, which all got stolen/

True, but Yogatribe bought them all, and they got all stolen, which is a sad story to tell as a Yoga Studio.

Karma has solved the Lululemon mat case/

Karma is used as an easy way to describe cause and effect, but the Universe is way more complicated than we think. How should it be that wonderful.

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