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Yoga is offering several practices to control breath. This practices are called Pranayama. Prana is the vital energy and yama the controlling. Let us find a breathing routine that suits your life the best.

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Resonance Breath

The effects of resonance supports the innate ability of our body, nervous system, and emotions to restore themselves through the

balancing of the complementary branches of our autonomic nervous system, which control our heart rate, blood pressure, digestion,

respiration, and many other automatic functions of the body.


Uddiyana Krya

This Pranayama technique is brining in the navel and massages the inner organs. Uddiyana Bandha is also specifically useful for lowering blood sugar levels. It relieves constipation as it stimulates the intestines. And it acts as an excellent remedy for irritability and temper. Creating a vacuum in the chest improves circulation to the abdominal organs.It's the first step towards nauli (cleansing technique).



This pranayama technique calms the nervous system not only during stress and tension, but just as much during anger and resentment. It is said to be beneficial for memory and concentration, and even helps with headaches and migraines. This sounds plausible, because headaches are often caused by tension. Some people hum in a higher pitch, others lower. A low tone seems more relaxing, but the higher tones are said to be more effective.

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