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About Me.

Chris embarked on his yoga journey with a deep curiosity about the ancient practices of movement and breath control. Little did he know the profound impact it would have on his life. From a young age, he had a fascination with the spiritual world and a keen interest in the stories of Indian gurus. This curiosity became the driving force behind Chris's exploration of yoga.

Today, Chris stands as a dedicated Yogi, embracing the yogic path with unwavering commitment. He approaches each day as a new opportunity for growth and self-discovery, living by his motto, "Every day is a new day." His daily practice of Asanas allows him to connect with his body and delve deeper into the union of mind, body, and spirit.

Chris is not just a follower of established routines; he thrives on creativity. He constantly innovates his movement practices, drawing inspiration from his own creative wellspring. His teaching style is fiery, infused with elements of creative movement, always guiding his students toward a pinnacle pose. Rooted in the principles of Anusara, Chris emphasizes alignment and incorporates themes that infuse each class with energy and action.



Since venturing into the realm of yoga teaching in 2018, Chris has been on an educational journey. He has attended multiple Teacher Trainings led by Kai Hill and actively participates in assisting the 200-hour Anusara Training Program throughout Europe. Additionally, he has honed his skills in the 300-hour Anusara Trainings in Berlin and Marbella, under the guidance of esteemed teachers like Kai & Lydia Hill, Luca Bennet, Joanna Gallenberger, Jayendra Hanley, Veronika Freitag, Eva Ananya, and Pamela Menzell.


Chris has dedicated over two years to daily Pranayama (Yogic Breathwork) practice. He has deepened his understanding of this vital aspect of yoga through a 50-hour Pranayama Teacher Training with Robert Moses and Eddie Stern.

Inner Soul

In 2021, Chris took a significant step in his personal and professional development by completing a 200-hour Inner Soul Journey Training focused on the Expansion Method. Led by Shai Tubali and Tamar Bosch, this training delved into the realms of psychology and the soul, enriching Chris's holistic understanding of the human experience.

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